Raw Living Food Recipes

When we talk about raw living food recipes we need to clarify just exactly what we’re talking about. Raw foods can really be anything that’s not heated above 108 degrees, and some might allow for heating up to 118 degrees, but living foods are the next level above that. Living foods are alive.

If we pick an apple off a tree and eat it, it’s living food. If we pick an apple and eat it the next day, that’s raw food. It’s the same with anything out of the veggie garden, if picked and eaten right away it is alive and full of biophotons, enzymes, and life-force. Another prime example of a live food is wheat grass juice.

Eating predominately live foods will improve your level of health as much as switching from a standard American diet (SAD) to a raw food diet did. If you wish to take your health to the next level eat a raw diet made up of primarily living foods and raw living food recipes.

Raw living food recipes often contain sprouts which are the ultimate living food, power packed with nutritional value.Fresh wheat grass juice is also a live food with incredible nutritional value and available at many juice bars today.

Fermented foods like natural sauerkraut, miso, and seed cheese, are considered living foods and find their way into many raw living foods recipes. These fermented foods are full of live bacteria which are good for the gut and help provide a healthy bio-terrain for the entire body which is why they are considered healthy.

Fermenting also predigests proteins breaking them down into amino acids so they are much easier for the digestive system to absorb. Most cultures around the world have some type of fermented food and those that partake praise the benefits.

When we talk about raw living food recipes virtually anything fresh from the orchard or garden prepared and eaten within an hour can be considered living. So when looking at the recipes below know that all fruits and veggies are fresh picked. There are ingredients in some of the recipes that are complimentary and are not living and can be left out if you choose.

Seed Cheese

Lettuce Boats

Sprout Salad

Beet Salad

Sunflower Sprout Juice

See more raw food recipes here.

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