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Low Salicylate Pate/Dressing

This Low Salicylate Pate/Dressing is a great option for those who find themselves with a salicylate sensitivity. It’s simple, quick, and tasty. If you

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Q Hi, my 6 year old son was completely healthy until I got him vaccinated! He was fine until the school started feeding him junk and allowing him to eat

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Raw Keto Fat Bombs

Raw Keto Fat Bombs are tasty nutritious little treats that can be eaten in a pinch to get you through to the next meal, or as I eat them, as part of my

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Keto Juice

Keto juice is great for those following a ketogenic diet or for those simply wanting to take it to the next level. This could be a light meal replacement

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Keto Smoothie

Keto smoothie is a recipe that suits those following a ketogenic diet, or those that are simply trying to keep their glucose and insulin levels low. If

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Raw Keto Pate'

Raw Keto Pate' is a quick and easy recipe to make that will satisfy your hunger pangs. It can be eaten off the spoon, or spread on raw flax crackers or

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Zucchini Summer Salad

Here is the zucchini summer salad recipe for the salad I made tonight. It's really good! This salad can satiate for hours and give you energy to burn.

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Adzuki Beans

Q Help me to understand how this is considered a raw food? Thank you very much. A Legumes like adzuki beans can be sprouted and eaten raw in salads,

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Constipation & Hemorrhoids While Transitioning to a Raw Diet

Q I have been slowly transitioning to raw food diet over the past 2-2 ½ months. Now I eat 70-80% raw. I started mainly due to hypertension, pain and extreme

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Collard Tree Juice

I know some of you are probably thinking collard tree juice….what the heck is a collard tree. A collard tree is one of nature’s most wonderful gifts. A

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Backyard Brew

Backyard Brew is a random compilation of pickings from my garden plus a few cucumbers from the farmers market that I turned into a super nutritious juice.

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Cruciferous Kick

Cruciferous Kick is a particularly healthy juice because it cleanses and fortifies, and its core ingredients are said to have great healing properties.

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Fungus and Yeast Buster

Fungus and Yeast Buster juice is excellent for eradicating fungal and yeast issues. Most if not all of today’s health issues can be traced back to the

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Raw Hummus

Raw Hummus is a very easy recipe to make that takes only about 15 minutes to prepare after the beans are soaked and sprouted. If you’re already a sprouter

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Golden Greens

Golden greens utilizes the golden beet, a vegetable not very well known but gaining popularity amongst health enthusiasts. It’s a nice change from the

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