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As founder of this website I have given my all for the last ten years and now find it’s time to pass the torch on to those who will continue to spread the message of good health and vitality in all its forms.  May the information on this site provide some of the answers you seek in your search for greater health.  Be a seeker of truth, forever open to the new ideas and concepts that you encounter on your journey.

Be Well and Wonderful, Hugh                                               November 6, 2019

Health and Fitness has been a part of my life from an early age, and a driving force for much of my adult life.  As a boy I enjoyed fresh produce from the family garden and daily exercise hiking and playing in the hills surrounding our town.  When I asked for an after school snack, my Mother would say, “Have an apple, have a carrot.”  At the time I didn’t always appreciate that response, but today I am very thankful for it.

Competitive swimming and water polo in the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), high school, and college gave me a tremendous physical workout and began to make me realize the importance of high quality fuel for the body.  My freshman year in College I took a nutrition course that gave me a solid foundation in understanding the importance of healthy choices, and put me on the path to examining everything that went into my body.

Over the years I continued to educate myself, reading books by health experts and obscure authors alike, as well as attending talks and seminars on nutrition and health.  Afterwards I would analyze, experiment, and implement what I had learned if I felt it added value in moving me towards my goal of Greater Health.

Friends and co-workers began to come to me for advice and I really enjoyed being able to help people feel better and experience Greater Health.  In the early 90’s I started to spread my sphere of influence by giving public presentations sharing my knowledge of holistic health and wellness.

When I began research on the raw food diet it didn’t take long to figure out that it was the single most impactful component to enjoying Vibrant Health that I had come across in more than 30 years of study. Whether you’re looking for quick and lasting weight loss, to overcome an existing health challenge, or just take your health to the next level, a 75% to 100% raw food diet can do that for you. 

Over time I began to write health articles and do personal health coaching, as well as continuing to share information with groups and individuals seeking solutions to Greater Health including physicians, chiropractors, dentists, naturopaths, and all types of alternative health care practitioners. During my presentations throughout the Western US, as well as Canada, and Australia, I found that people all over are searching for simple, honest, and easily implemented information that will improve their Health and Quality of Life.

Continual research and communication with colleagues keeps me up to date on relative information in the ever expanding field of health. Although I have found the raw food diet to give amazing benefits, I believe that Vibrant Health is comprised of many components, and have studied a wide variety of modalities over the years that have given me a better understanding of the holistic approach to health.

Some of my formal education and influences:

  • Living Light International courses with Doctors Rick and Karin Dina D.C.

  • Science of Raw Food Nutrition Levels I & II and Benefits of Raw Food Nutrition Educator Certification

  • Mentored/studied with Bob Proctor life Success Coach (later seen in “The Secret” movie)

  • Graduate of the Academy for Coach Training

  • College Nutrition Course

  • Chinese Energetic Healing with Dr. Kam Yuen

  • Kunlun Nei Gung Healing Arts with Sifu Max
  • Matrix Energetics with Dr. Richard Bartlett

  • Magnetic and Far Infrared Research & Study
  • "Spontaneous Healing" with Sifu Jenny Lamb

  • Health and Healing with Dr. Shi Gong Sha

I personally have gained incredible health and vitality with over a dozen years on a raw food diet.  I enjoy great mental clarity, a calm positive demeanor, and have energy to burn throughout my days.

My personal mission is to help millions people achieve their Personal Health Goals and Enjoy a Happier Life!  Although I feel great about my contributions to date, there’s much more to be done. This website and free newsletter "Vibrant Living" are geared towards the further realization of my mission.

Be Well and Wonderful,

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“There is no reason in the world why over 75% of the American people should be suffering from degenerative and deficiency diseases.  Disease never comes without a cause. If a person is sick and ailing he has been doing something wrong.  He needs an education in how to live a healthy life.” - Jay M. Hoffman Ph.D.

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