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weight loss

Is raw food weight loss myth or legend. Can you really lose weight on a diet of fruits and vegetables while eating as much as you want?

Yes, it's actually quite true. Unless you sit around eating cashew butter and dates all evening you aren't going to gain any weight, in fact you’re likely to shed pounds at an unbelievable rate. So the biggest question within everyone is why losing weight with raw food works. Aren't you putting food in your body? Shouldn't you be gaining weight just like everyone else?

Raw food weight loss works for several reasons, one of which is enzymes. Enzymes control everything in your body from speech to regulating hormone production, and raw food is full of enzymes. Enzymes help us to digest and metabolize the food we eat, and when we are getting good nutrient value from the food we eat we are less likely to over eat.

Another reason raw food weight loss works is because it’s an alkaline diet, and an alkaline diet helps to remove acid wastes, or toxins from the body, many of which are encapsulated in your body fat. As the toxins are released your body can now let these excess fat deposits go as well.  This is why many people struggle with weight gain, the added fat is actually protecting their bodies from an immediate health crash, so they’re continually trying to “diet” to lose weight, while it may be as simple as balancing the body Ph.  You can read more about the importance of an alkaline diet here.

weight loss

The third reason raw food weight loss works is that most raw foods are not calorie dense foods, which means you can eat until satiated and have taken in far less calories than if you had eaten a typical cooked food meal. Raw foods are also chocked full of fiber that will promote regularity and help purge unwanted sludge from your intestines.

The body also recognizes raw food as “real food” and can process and metabolize it so that it aids the body systems in functioning well, naturally purging unwanted fat and allowing the cells of the body to do their job in cleaning house.

What Can I Eat?

Raw food weight loss allows you to eat just about anything from the fruit and vegetable realm, as well as sea vegetables and some soaked nuts and seeds.  If you think about it the list is endless, just take a stroll at your local Farmers Market or in the produce section of your local grocery and let your imagination take flight.  

The recipes range from simple salads to gourmet meals and everything in between. Consuming greens is very important because they are alkaline, loaded with nutrients, and act as a broom for the intestines. Since many people can’t handle the raw greens right away mixing them in the blender with fruit will make them more palatable. Eventually you’ll want to be at least 50/50 with greens and fruit.

Juicing is another wonderful way to get great nutrition while you kick start your weight loss program. There are loads of great juicing recipes that are simple and quick to make. I have owned 4 different juicers over the years, but find the Hurom juicer to be the best for everyday use. It’s easier to use and clean, which is really important because if it’s a pain to clean then it won’t get used. It is also able to juice leafy greens which I feel is very important. I have two juicers now, and the one that gets used the most is the Hurom vertical slow juicer.

Is This Approved by the Health Care Community?

Healthcare professionals do believe that the consumption of raw foods is associated with weight loss, and every time we turn around we hear the mantra eat more fruits and vegetables in their raw state so raw food weight loss is quite feasible.  To be fair there are some skeptics out there about a raw food diet long term, but it does have its proponents as well.   Forty year raw fooder Dr. Fred Bisci, PhD., and twenty plus year raw fooders Dr Brian Clement of the Hippocrates Health Institute, Dr Gabriel Cousins of the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, and Dr. Rick and Karin Dina, D.C. are just a few members of the health care community that are strong proponents of a healthy raw food diet.

Where can I find Recipes?

There are raw food cookbooks to be found in stores, and you can check out a few raw food recipes to get you started.  Soon you’ll be able to create your own raw recipes, either by adjusting your current favorites, or simply using the produce section for inspiration. Just use your imagination!

Raw food weight loss is entirely possible, large numbers of people are doing it every day, so just give it a try. You'll be amazed at how wonderful the food tastes even without being cooked. The more raw food you eat the more your taste buds will come alive, and so will you. Try it out and see where it takes you!

Of course before embarking on any kind of detox diet or diet change you should consult with your personal health care provider.

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“If we are ever to enjoy life, now is the time, not tomorrow or next year. Today should always be our most wonderful day.” - Thomas Dreier, Author

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