Fast Weight Loss Tips for a Healthier You

fast weight loss tips

These 7 fast weight loss tips won't go amiss.  Weight loss seems to be the most talked about topic of our time and many people are looking for fast weight loss tips. Hardly surprising I guess when one considers that the US is leading the world in the obesity stakes.

  1. Our weight is all about what we eat, so at the top of the list of our weight loss tips is not just constructing a healthy well balanced diet, which is what all of the weight loss gurus will tell us to do; but to pre-load. This means starting each meal with high water, high fiber, and low fat foods. And when you are about ¾ full eat your more calorie dense foods. This will allow you to be satiated without breaking the calorie bank and your diet.
  2. These pre-load foods which are mainly fruits and veggies are not very calorically dense and will fill you up without blowing up your calorie count and you.  Start your meals with these types of foods and then if desired finish with your more calorie dense foods, like animal protein and starches. And always leave the table before you’re completely full, if you’re completely full you just over ate.

  3. Choose foods that are close to their natural state as possible. So if you had a choice between apple sauce, apple cider, and an apple, you’d choose the apple. Less processing means you’re getting more nutrients which your body needs to successfully shed those unwanted pounds.

  4. Substitute at least one meal per day with a green smoothie. This is not only a tasty way to fill you up, but will provide a powerhouse of nutrients to keep you healthy as you pursue your health goals. Learn more about green smoothies here. Talk about fast weight loss tips, this is one you might even decide to adopt long term when you see how long you can go on one super smoothie with even the slightest hunger pang.

  5. Add some fresh vegetable and fruit juices into your menu plan.  Perhaps even choosing to do an entire day or weekend on fresh juices only.  Fresh juices certainly are high water content and low fat, and they do contain some fiber as well, although the idea here is to make things easier on the digestive system so you get super nutrition without your body having to work for it. Check out some vegetable juicing recipes here.

  6. Slow down. Chew your solids until they are liquid, and swirl your liquids around your mouth for at least 5 seconds before swallowing. Good digestion absolutely requires that we chew our food very thoroughly. Un-chewed food is undigested food which means no nutritional value and more of a strain on the digestive track to expel this waste. Also as we eat slower, we’re less likely to over eat as the stretch receptors in our stomachs are not working on real time, but rather have a slight lag time.

  7. Try eating an all raw food diet for several days or a week, or more.  Fresh raw foods are a powerhouse of nutrition and vital life force.  They fit the bill for high water content, high fiber and low fat foods, provide natural energy and will keep your bowels moving regularly. If you want to shed the pounds then this is one of the simplest fast weight loss tips there are.
  8. fast weight loss tips

  9. Any list of fast weight loss tips just wouldn't be complete without a note about physical exercise. Physical exercise is essential, not only good in terms of weight loss, but it also makes you feel fitter and healthier, and keeps us looking and feeling younger too. It is even good for our mood.
  10. Physical exercise doesn't have to be too intense though. Even half an hour each day will help, and the exercises don't have to be too strenuous. The exercises should be mostly aerobic in nature which means that it is cardiovascular (with some weight or resistance exercises if you like). Cardiovascular means exercising the heart and lungs, so the sorts of exercises that are recommended are: brisk walking, jogging, cycling, or swimming.

    The important thing about aerobic exercise, and the reason that it features high on our fast weight loss tips , is that it increases our metabolic rates, not so much while we are exercising, (it does a little), but more importantly afterwards, when our bodies are at rest, and as we already know, that means accelerated weight loss.

So, the most important fast weight loss tips are: changing our diets to include more raw foods, and making sure that we put regular physical exercise regimes in place. Act on both of these tips and we will see the weight beginning to simply fall off.

"Thy food will be thy remedy." - Hippocrates

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