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It’s safe to say we can all think of some raw foods, but having a list of raw foods with nutritional information listed that you can print and keep on hand can be a valuable tool. We’ve broken out the list into individual food groups to make it easier to view and print if you decide to.

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It’s important to point out that this list is by no means complete, there are thousands of raw foods available around the world, and we have put together some of the more common foods to get you started. One of the keys to good health is consuming a wide variety of raw foods to get the wide variety of nutrients you need for enjoying great health.

Another reason to eat a variety of raw foods is that many plants contain compounds designed to deter animals/people from over eating and thus preserving the plant so it can continue to grow, go to seed and multiply. By eating a wide variety of raw foods we do not over consume any one plant and the natural defense mechanisms it may contain.

Natural Toxins from the List of Raw Foods

Two of these compounds that seem to be of most concern are goitrogens and oxalic acid. Goitrogens can interfere with thyroid function, and oxalic acid can interfere with calcium absorption. For more information and to see a list of foods containing goitrogens go to the link below. For more information and to see a list of foods containing oxalic acid go to the link below.

It’s not necessary or desirable to avoid all foods containing small amounts of toxins, as they also have lots of valuable nutrients for us. What is important is balance and not over-relying on one particular source for extended time periods. So go out and enjoy the full bounty of delicious raw foods that the earth and heavens have provided for us.

Food Combining

One important aspect of eating a wide variety of foods is food combining. That is the practice of eating foods that combine well digestively together. Most fruits and leafy greens are an example of good food combining, while starchy vegetables and fruit are an example of poor food combing.You may find a food combining chart

useful in determining what foods go best together for optimal digestion, particularly if you have digestive issues or have in the past. Of course these are not hard and fast rules, some people are able to bend these guidelines without any digestive distress.

Please click on the links for the list of raw foods you would like to view.

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