Low Salicylate Pate/Dressing

by Hugh

This Low Salicylate Pate/Dressing is a great option for those who find themselves with a salicylate sensitivity. It’s simple, quick, and tasty. If you read my last newsletter you saw the article on Salicylates and how they can adversely affect some people. For those of you who did not read the article I’ll give a short summary here.

Salicylates are substances in plants; most fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices, which protect the plant from over-consumption by animals and humans. The symptoms experienced can vary greatly with each salicylate and each individual person. These are some of the possible reactions one can experience from over consumption of salicylates: migraines, red eyes, burning eyes, dry eyes, hives, mental sluggishness, upset stomach, bloody noses, nasal polyps, nasal congestion, hot flashes, swelling of saliva glands, lips, eyes, face and other body parts, canker sores, arthritis, chronic fatigue, rashes/hives, excessive urination, depression, irritability, ringing in ear, pain in ear, eczema, swollen glands, sore throat, and phlegm in throat.

You’re probably familiar with some salicylates such as the night shade family containing tomatoes, potatoes, and eggplant, but cruciferous veggies except for cabbage, and just about all other fruits, veggies, nuts, herbs, and spices contain salicylates. Some of the few that do not or at least have very low levels are celery, green cabbage, bananas, papaya, cashews, pecans, and iceberg lettuce.

Ingredients for Low Salicylate Pate/Dressing

2 cups celery

1 ½ cups raw pecans

½ cup raw cashews

Water as needed

Blend until smooth. Could also be prepared in a food processor.

For a pate or dip you will add less water and for salad dressing a little more. Depending on your sensitivity level you could add a little dulse or kelp, and perhaps a little fresh squeezed lemon juice.

If you’re interested in reading the full salicylate article you can find it here. Vibrant Living issue 176

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