Quintessence's Caesar salad

by Alexandra Esser
(Stockholm, Sweden)

This was my first RAW gourmet dish. Me and my friend Elin were totally stoked discovering RAW food when we visited NYC last june. We tried a lot of places, and we tried Quintessence first. I was in seventh heaven and had this salad 3 times, and now back in Sweden, I got the ingredients from Quintessence, and ate it like 6 weeks in a row for lunch, it's totally addictive and out of this world delicious!

It needs 4 - 6hr non-intensive cooking preparations, soaking and drying cashews and red onion. Do it when you are home an evening or morning, it's easy!

You need:

5-7 romaine lettuce leaves in pieces
at least half an avocado in big pieces
1 tomato in thin slices


1 C 4 - 6 h soaked natural cashews
1 garlic clove
3 dates
2 teasp miso
juice of 1/2 citron c.a 1/8 C
1 - 2 C water to make it pourable, but still thick
blend everything

Top with:

2 very thinly sliced red onions, preferably with a mandoline, (makes 2 servings). A mandoline can be found cheap at second hand stores. Oven dry slices at 114° for 1,5h. I turn my oven on the lowest temperature and prop the ovendoor open with a chopstick. Oh what a sweet chewey bacon taste!

And a lot of gomasio = unhulled sesame seads soaked 4-6 hr then 1 - 2 hr oventoasted, see above, then blend with a tiny bit of salt. I use 1/2 C dry seeds to 1/4+ teasp salt

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