Leftover Juice Pulp

by Philip
(Cape Town - South Africa)

Q Does anyone have recipes or suggestions on how best to utilize the leftover juice pulp from the juicing exercise - besides compost and Earthworm food?

It seems such a "huge" waste and it would be good if the pulp could be put to good use.

A This is a good question Philip. I do feel that composting, digging directly into the ground, or worm food are the best uses because most of the nutritional value of the pulp has already been stripped away in the juicing process.

Pulp could be incorporated into any recipe really if you’re only looking to add fiber. Dehydrated crackers would be one idea, or a big raw stew or soup, but once again I would rather have the whole nutritional value of the foods in those dishes and not just the fiber.

Here are a couple of threads which cover this same topic. what can you do with juice pulp and uses for juice pulp.

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