Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, & Coronary Heart Disease

by Alysia
(APO, AE, Afghanistan)

Q Hello, I’m currently deployed to Afghanistan and I have been inspired by the documentary Fat Sick & Nearly Dead to do the raw food detox for 20 days now and I lost 22 pounds upon completion. I’m really interested in spreading the word starting with my mother. She isn’t the easiest person to influence and there is always an excuse for her not to do something.

So, before I present her with this idea, I want to be able to have a rebuttal to any excuse she might be ready to use in dissagreeance. Starting with her health problems, she has diabetes, high blood pressure and coronary heart disease. She always says something about having too much fluid around her heart and lungs. How will this detox affect her physically? the next excuse would be "it costs too much to be healthy" I’m still calculating how much she spends a month on over processed foods then I’m going to compare that to the fruits and veggies she could be buying instead. She already has a juicer which is anywhere from 5 to 10 years old so I’ll buy her a new one if need be.

I just really want to hit her with all of the facts an why it’s such a great idea to follow thru on such a thing. She is 64 and has had 3 heart attacks so far and is a victim/prisoner to fad diets. I’ve got two books for her, 'fit for life' and 'raw food detox diet' I’m willing to spend as much money, time and effort in order to see my mom live past the age of her mother who is 83 and still kicking. Thank you for your response and time reading this; hope to hear from you soon.

A Congratulations on your weight loss and starting a new chapter in your life by improving your health Alysia. Sometimes trying to help others can be difficult, particularly if they happen to be family members. We can share our experience and support them in their actions, but ultimately they have to want it for themselves.

Your personal experience should have a positive impact on your mother and hopefully that along with your loving support will be enough to get her enthused. I think it’s important that you share with her how much you love her and that you want her around for many more years. Perhaps share former presidents Bill Clinton’s move to a vegan diet and what it’s done for him.

As far as her current health issues go, it’s been my experience that all these issues can be healed or reversed at least to some degree with a healthy raw food diet. Basically all of her issues are caused by the same two things, primarily detoxification, and second deficiency, both of which the raw diet will take care of over time. You may want to find a natural health care provider to monitor your mother as far as vitals and any medications she is currently taking.

Take a look at this question sent to me by a man with Diabetes to see the DVD I recommended for him. It might be very helpful for your mother to watch it and see what great results people are receiving from the raw food diet.

When you return home from your tour of duty you might consider spending a few weeks at a raw foods healing center with your mom. Hippocrates Health institute in Florida, Optimal Health Institute in California, and the Living Foods Institute in Georgia are just a few of the hundreds of raw food healing centers located throughout the USA. These healing centers have great education programs, they lend so much credibility to the diet, and it’s a chance to see real life miracles in the lives of those ahead of you in the program.

Please keep me posted as to you and your mothers progress.

Thanks for serving your country Alysia, you’re a true patriot.

Be Well and Wonderful, Hugh

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