by Rick
(Port Orchard, WA.)

Q I have type 2 diabetes and my daughter has type 1. Are there certain fruits we should avoid?

A Great question Rick. Generally when I hear that question, what people are asking is about the glycemic load or basically how much sugar a fruit contains. Think about which fruits are bitter or sour and you have your answer as to which fruits are considered OK by mainstream standards. Fruits like lemon, lime, grapefruit, and some berries are considered safe for diabetics, while others like melons, pineapple, bananas, and all dried fruit would be considered out of bounds; however there is more to it than that.

With type 2 diabetics the problem is not usually overconsumption of sugar, but of fat. The fat in the blood keeps the insulin from ushering the sugar into the cells. Moderate amounts of fruit when taken alone is typically not a problem. Of course even fat from dinner can still be in the blood stream and affecting the take up of a morning fruit meal. Your doctor may not be aware of the fat connection, but many natural health practitioners are, and I’m sure there’s one in your area.

Dr Gabrial Cousens of The Tree of Life Healing Center and Dr Brian Clement, from Hippocrates Health Institute have both done much research on diabetes and healing people through diet. The results of some of their research can be seen in DVD, Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days I think you'll enjoy this fresh perspective and the knowledge that healing is possible.

I would love to hear back from you about whether you implemented any of that information and what the results were for you and your daughter.

Best to you both.

We Well and Wonderful, Hugh

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