Date & Nori Lettuce Wraps

by Hugh
(fairfax, ca)

1 head of juicy romaine lettuce

Moist dates

2 or 3 sheets of raw untoasted nori

Small piece of fresh ginger root

This is another great finger food recipe, and as usual, very easy clean-up. You could make these ahead of time for company or a potluck. Just hold the wraps together with a tooth pick.

Cut the nori into pieces and cut the ginger root into very small pieces. Remove the pits from the dates and insert a small piece of ginger in place of the pit. Place a piece of nori at the top of a romaine leaf and fold over. Place another piece of nori on the lettuce and add a date with a small piece of ginger inside it onto the nori and fold again. Fold edges under and enjoy.

You probably want to eat cucumbers, celery or other moist foods with this so you keep well hydrated.

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