Why have I put on weight since I started juicing?

Q Why am I putting on weight rather than losing weight since I started juicing, and I am feeling very bloated too?

A You have to remember that fruit juices are very calorically dense so if you are drinking even one fruit juice a day you could be adding 400 calories or so in addition to your usual food consumption. Bottom line, if you take in more calories than you burn your body will store them as fat.

Unless one is trying to add weight intentionally then juices with high fruit content should be taken as a meal replacement, not in addition to your regular meals. I believe green juices or mostly green juices are best anyway unless you’re doing a cleanse that requires fruit juices. Green or mostly green juices can be taken ½ hr or so before a meal or between meals without much concern of weight gain.

As for feeling bloated, it could be the combinations of ingredients in the juice, or it could be that the juice is taken too close to meals. Ideally juice should be taken on an empty stomach because it digests and passes through so quickly. If it is taken before a meal and then solid food is taken too soon, then the juice will not digest properly. If the juice is taken too soon after a meal then it can retard the digestion of that meal so it will sit in the stomach too long and create digestive issues. Either way is not a good outcome.

If your juice combinations are fine and you are taking your juice on an empty stomach then it is probably that your system is adjusting to the newfound nutrition and perhaps cleaning out old foul deposits of matter from your digestive system, organs, and body tissues.

A Food Combining Chart might be helpful in determining which fruit and vegetable combinations would be best for juicing. The chart is only a guideline and I found that I can mix combinations not usually recommended by the chart, but I have been at it for years. Over time your body will clean out and adjust to where it may be able to mix and match to some degree as well.

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by: Anonymous

Hello!!!I green juice in the a.m(with small amout of fruit and fiber one..and p.m greens in my juice no added fruits in it ..I did cut out gluten,sugar,soy,from my diet 8years ago..idk why I am gaining weight I do drink a gallon of water a day have been for years..at lunch time I have weighed out salad,veggies,lil fruit,small amout of protein (no dairy at all ever ..can you help why am I bulking up feel bloated and I eat so healthy..no sodas,no coffee,no Booz either thank you

*******Looks like you have cut out many of the bad elements from your diet and that is great. I don’t know what your complete diet looks like, but the first thought that comes to mind is food combing and leaving enough time between different foods.

The juices should be taken by themselves and no food for at least 30 minutes afterward. I would look at following pretty strict food combining after that.

If you’re drinking lots of juices and moisture rich foods you may not need a gallon of water a day. No water should be taken at least 20 minutes before a meal, none with food, and just enough to swish around your mouth afterwards. No water at least two hours after a meal.

If you don’t take the fiber one does your system still work well? A diet high in naturally fibrous foods should keep the digestive tract moving without need for additional fiber.

After that you might think digestive enzymes and possibly HCL capsule taken after meals.

Why have I gained weight only using vegetables
by: Anonymous

I have been using my nutribullet and only put in half a pear, 2 stalks of celery, 2 baby cucumbers, cilantro, half a bell pepper, green tea for the liquid, tumeric, chia seeds and habanero powder. I half that and drink one for breakfast and one for lunch and eat a regular dinner. I have gained 5 lbs. And can only think it is from the juicing.

******This drink is technically a smoothie because it is blended and not a juice, but still strange to gain 5 lbs., unless you were under weight before.

If your "regular dinner" is the only other food and drink you're consuming then perhaps it's more caloricaly dense now than it was prior to your starting the vegetable smoothies?

Perhaps you should check in with a natural health care provider to see what they think.

Help, I'm gaining weight
by: Stacey

I have been juicing with spinach,kale,celery,blueberries,flaxeed,chiaseed,honey,and ricedream milk and feel extremely bloated after. I do it 3 times a day and have gained weight....What am I doing wrong? HELP!!!

******You have been making a smoothie and not a juice. If you want to continue to make a smoothie leave out the rice dream and either the flax or chia seeds. If you want to juice leave out the seeds and the rice dream.

You've probably been experiencing the results of poor food combining, mixing fruits and too much fat.

Try just the greens and fruit in the morning and be sure to get some exercise. When your digestive system is moving at least once a day you could add in a 2nd juice or smoothie.

Juice and smoothies should be taken on an empty stomach and nothing after a juice for at least half an hour if not more. After a smoothie you should not eat or drink for at least 3 to 4 hours depending on the size and what was in it.

Read through the website on smoothies and juicing and you will learn a lot.

reply to why am i gaining weight?
by: Anonymous

Ty for your reply. No not a whole grill chicken a 4-6oz piece. Light ranch dressing but I'm switching that to cottage cheese instead. I could very well need an enema bowel movements are not everyday. As far as what kind of juice. It is kale spinach carrot and a golden delicious apple (1). Also I drink a half of cup of room temp water with a whole lemon squeezed in it. Ty for your advice

****sounds like you're doing ok, but should get your digestive system moving at least twice daily. That is probably your issue and will be resolved with regular bathroom visits. Exercise can help greatly with this. And the enema or visiting a colon therapist would really help. Money well spent.

Best to you on your journey to greater health. Please keep in touch and let us know how you progress.

weight gain
by: Anonymous

I have also gained weight from juicing only ate one grilled chicken a day with a salad. I have gained 10lbs and feel bloated and like I'm retaining water. Please help. I thought this is good for me?

A whole grilled chicken? What did you put on the salad?

Same questions for you as below. How many bathroom visits per day to empty your bowels. You may need an enema to get things moving so you're having two to three per day.

What types of juices are you drinking? should be mostly veggie with small amount of fruit to sweeten if desired. Drinks juices on completely empty stomach, same goes for eating solids.

And get plenty of exercise daily to get the lymphatic system moving and draining, and your bowels moving.

juicing an weight loss
by: Anonymous

whats the best way to juice and loose weight

****substitute juices for solid foods for a weekend or more. And then get onto a regular juicing schedule where you substitute one meal per day with healthy mostly green juices.

I am still feeling fat after juicing... "/
by: Anonymous

I read everything I actually take my juices on an empty stomach morning and night I only eat food during lunch time... And I still feel fat and bloated. I will take a look at the chart you mention and probably is the combination of the fruits and veggies i am using.. Not sure but I'll post again once this goes away.

Hugh's reply**** OK, yes, could be the combinations. Also exercise would help if you're not already getting some.

How's your daily bathroom visits?....cleaning out lots of waste at least several times a day? What about a colonic or enema to clean out and start anew?

weight gain & juicing
by: Anonymous

If you're doing green juices daily, specifically using goitrogenic veggies (parsley, kale, cabbage etc) you could be affecting your thyroid - in effect slowing it down by inhibiting iodine uptake which it needs for proper function.. You'll need to supplement with iodine & selenium. Perhaps some daily kelp powder.

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