Why am I not losing weight eating raw ..?

by Jennifer
(Weatherly pa)

Q I've been eating raw for 7 weeks now ....lost 8 lbs. first 2 weeks nothing since why? I am getting very discouraged and upset.....I do not feel any more or less energized and feel the weight is not coming off like expected. What can I be doing wrong? I have a banana smoothie then half of cantaloupe for breakfast and a large salad no dressing for lunch. Then I have fruit as a snack then avocado, cauliflower, and cucumbers for dinner, maybe some raw almonds. Please help me hate to beg but I've for help numerous places and no one replies thank you so much for your time.

A At first glance I don’t see why you would not be dropping a few more pounds, but there are some things to consider. First, are you over weight now? Do you actually have weight to lose? Sometimes we see ourselves as overweight and in fact may not be so at all.

Are you exercising at all? Raw diet and exercise together usually mean shedding pounds and getting down to your ideal weight. Exactly how many calories are you eating in a day and what is your level of activity? I would recommend you go to chronometer.com (or other calorie counter program) and input your daily food consumption to see just what you’re taking in for calories per day.

When starting a raw diet some people drop loads of weight and some take it off a bit at a time. Some lose in chunks and level out in between. Some people lose loads of weight then put some quality weight back on to reach their ideal natural body weight. If it turns out you’re not over consuming calories then you could try a juice or green smoothie fast which should definitely shed some pounds. A supervised water fast would be another excellent way to jump start you journey to better health.

Perhaps you would like to try a few of these Smoothie Recipes for at least 2 meals per day and see what happens. Add in some exercise with these and you should see some positive effects.

Have you seen a doctor or natural health care provider lately? There could be something else going on that your health care provider would be able to pick up and explain.

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