Which should I buy first - a juicer or a blender?

by DJ

Q Which should I buy first - a juicer or a blender?

Hi Hugh,

1st, I'd like to thank you very much for the valuable information & the effort you put in this. It's really informative and inspiring!

I would like to give this a go. Due to my busy life style (I work long hours), I think I can start by replacing my dinner with a juice or a smoothie as I have relatively more time in the evenings. I can do the same with my breakfast at a later stage.

I want to invest in a proper juicer and a good blender (like Blendtec), but I can't afford both at the same time, especially that they cost much more here in the UK. In your opinion, which should I buy first - a juicer or a blender?

Really appreciate your advice.

Thanks very much!


A Great question DJ. I would say go with the blender first. Because they contain fiber, blended soups and smoothies will carry you much farther than a juice. When you’re first switching to a raw diet even 80% raw, your appetite can become voracious and a blended soup in the evening will take care of that. Blender clean-up is much easier and quicker than a juicer, which is probably good for you too.

I use my blender everyday and my juicer as needed. Also you can make juice with your blender by running the blended ingredients through a sieve or nut milk bag. Not the best because of the high speed, but can work until you get a low rpm juicer.

You may be able to find a juice bar near your house or work for times when you want to have just juice.


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