What must I eat in order for my body to get use to such a different diet?

Q What must I eat in order for my body to get use to such a different diet. I work in a kitchen all day. I'm around all sorts of food. I need something that’s going to leave my stomach satisfied and give me the energy to keep working in such a hot environment. Are there any books or diets you suggest?

A I would start the day out with a super green smoothie, and then try to incorporate raw recipes into your diet while leaving out the most un-healthy foods your currently eating. The website has loads of recipes, including one for a super green smoothie which can carry me for seven hours until true hunger sets in. A piece of fruit or two on break between meals can provide much needed energy and ward off hunger until you have time for a proper meal. Most raw recipes pack well so you can bring a meal from home and supplement with healthy choices from your work if need be.

Everyone’s body and situation is different, and it can take some thought and experimentation to find what works best, but in the end it is totally worth it. Start where you are and do what you can. As you experiment and learn more about the raw diet you’ll be able to figure out what you can do and what foods will work best for you.

I’m not real big on high consumption of fruit. I think it works for the short term, but unless you’re an elite athlete, not good for the long term. If you read through the pages of my website, starting with “Getting Started” you’ll have a good idea how to proceed. There are loads of healthy recipes on the “Raw Recipes” page that you can enjoy and tweak to suit your specific needs if you want.

Dr Fred Bisci explains how to attain great health in a simple easy to read book. I believe the title is ‘Your Healthy Journey’.

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