Weight loss, increased Energy, Allergies, Mental Clarity

Cindy Y. - sales rep, age 52
(San Anselmo, CA)

I first went raw 2 summers ago and did it overnight from the SAD (Standard American Diet). Went 100% and lost 14 lb. in 3 weeks. I'd always had seasonal allergies but when spring rolled around the following year, they simply didn't appear. I have also not been sick since living this lifestyle, no easy task with two school age kids and a husband who likes his meat and potatoes. I also sleep about 6 hours a night and feel completely refreshed in the morning, whereas before I had to have my eight hours or I would be groggy all day.

This way of eating makes me so energetic and clear headed that I would never consider going back to my old habits. Although I am no longer 100% (as I can't seem to keep weight on when I do) my raw intake is still high along with occasional cooked grains.

I think it is important to go raw the right way- lots of green juices and fresh produce, and little oil or salt. Although dehydrated foods and nut heavy recipes are great, even necessary for those transitioning, over time I believe a simpler way of eating comes naturally. I also believe not eating at night is key to having energy, better digestion and a more restful sleep.

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