Weight loss, Autoimmune Thyroid Disease, High Cholesterol , Arthritis

Gretchen K. - Teacher, age 47
(Fairfax, CA)

I have been eating a low fat raw vegan diet for a year and a half now, and it's been an amazing experience! I am healthier and have more energy than ever before, even when I was young. I have healed myself from all my various illnesses (including autoimmune thyroid disease, scarily high cholesterol levels, and the beginning of arthritis). Along the way I lost 30 pounds, got stronger and fitter, and found a zest for life that makes me wake up every morning full of energy and optimism. Plus I just enjoy eating this way so much!

I love shopping at the local farmers' markets for the freshest and most wonderful food, experiencing the bounty of each season as we progress through the year. The simplicity and deliciousness of fruits and vegetables is something that I delight in every day, and I find that I am satisfied and nourished with beautiful food that my body digests easily, and I can trust my hunger signals to regulate how much I need. The spiritual awakening that has come from living this way was something I hadn't expected, and I experience a heightened sensitivity and appreciation for life. I am so grateful for discovering this way and for all those who have helped me learn how to get healthy, and I look forward to the journey still ahead.

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adrenal fatigue low thyroid depression acne
by: Anonymous

I am going through health problems that I am bedridden now. I came across this website and I am so amazed in all of the testimonials. I have adrenal fatigue, low thyroid,depression and digestive problems. I am a believer that this diet will work for me. And I can't wait to start it. Sa

******Best to you on your journey for greater health.

by: Henry

I have read about the same in some of the health and medical journals.

by: Drea

I suffer from psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis and fibromyalgia. A friend had started juicing almost 3 weeks ago who also suffered from the same illnesses in which all of her symptoms started disappearing within the first week. I find it very encouraging to find stories on how juicing has cured such diseases. I cannot wait to start juicing tomorrow and finally know what it feels like to experience a day pain free within a week.

sounds good
by: ginger

Thats sounds wonderful. I've just statred juicing and have auto immune disease and hoping that I will have the same results. do you have certain thing you juice more than others

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