Unbelievable Energy and Weight Loss

by Maria

this is me just taken last week, i'm 47 yrs old

this is me just taken last week, i'm 47 yrs old

This is my story of unbelievable energy and weight loss. I was weighing 80kgs(176 lbs) before...now i'm only 53kgs(116 lbs) and healthy...i hate my passport photo coz it's an old photo where i don't have a neck, it's all fatness and my face was a rounded fatty shape, i can't wait to renew it...eating raw food gave me back my confidence...

i am 47yrs old widow and no one believes me...the only problem is i keep getting very young suitors and they won't believe me if i tell them my real age...my energy is like the energizer battery...just keep going n going...my boss at work asks me almost every day "where i get my energy from"...my doctor is very happy to see me coz i only visit him once a year not because i am sick but just for check up...i'm not only physically active but also mentally alert and actually emotionally equipped...raw food is indeed the way to go...very hard to do at the start but you'll get used to it and eventually love it...

Wow, what an amazing and moving story Maria, thanks so much for sharing. Although I’m continually amazed at the results a healthy raw food diet can produce I’m not surprised at all. There is so much good to be found from eating a raw or high raw diet. If you think of all the suffering that could be alleviated and the overall improvement in quality of life, not to mention the money that could be saved by individuals and governments it’s staggering.

And I love your honesty at the end stating that it was very hard at the start, but well worth it in the end. Truth is many people have a hard time in the beginning for one reason or another. Unfortunately many people don’t get the proper support and don’t find the right resources for them to succeed on the raw diet. You Maria are a beacon to all those on the raw diet who are not yet in a comfortable place with it.

For any of you reading this now who are struggling or have questions I recommend you find a local raw food group or an online raw group, which I know there are plenty. Getting the right information and support can make all the difference in the world in terms of succeeding or not.

The Starting a Raw Food Diet page can be very useful when getting started, or when you’re trying to reset and make a successful go of it. The page links to many other helpful pages and recipes.

Thanks again Maria and please keep in touch.

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by: Karole

It is wonderful to read such amazing real life success stories.

I am beginning my raw food way of life today and its inspiring to be able to log in and see that it works.

I cant wait to start showing off to my friends when they start noticing all the benefits i will have because of my new change of eating habits.

Keep it up.

*****Wonderful Karole. There are loads of great recipes on the site as well as sound information on following a raw diet. Best to you.

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