Transforming Health Through Raw Food Veganism

by John McCabe

The pharmaceutical industry has been experiencing dramatic profits, and more pharmacies have opened in the past ten years than in all of the previous decades. Hospitals are adding wings, medical schools are expanding, and the medical technology industry remains a growing industry. Oh, but why?

When most people get sick, they turn to doctors. In turn, they become "patients" and are given prescriptions for synthetic chemical drugs, and many undergo surgery for what was a preventable health condition. What the patients may not know is that the doctors they are going to are taught very little about nutrition, and a lot about chemistry, synthetic drugs, and how to use surgical equipment. They may not know that pharmaceutical companies and medical equipment manufacturers provide a lot of the training in medical schools, and help doctors set up their “practices.”

Many of the degenerative diseases being experienced at record rates are directly related to what people eat and their lack of exercise.

Many people are consuming the worst food they can for their health, including foods containing some combination of corn syrup and other processed sugars; MSG, saturated fats, cholesterol, and artificial dyes, sweeteners, flavorings, scents, preservatives, and emulsifiers. Because most people are now purchasing their food from supermarkets, non-organic restaurants, or other venues selling overly processed foods, they are also consuming residues of farming chemical, including pesticides, fungicides, miticides, and weed killers. People who are consuming animal products are also consuming residues of the chemicals those animals were exposed to, and to the drugs the farmed animals were given. Much of the food people in industrial society eat also contain harmful chemicals, including acrylamides and glycotoxins, that form when food is cooked to high temperatures.

When you consider the amount of unnatural ingredients in many of the foods and drinks sold in supermarkets, restaurants, min-marts, cafeterias, and through snack machines, it can be easy to understand why obesity keeps increasing, why diabetes is rampant, why grade school children are now experiencing cardiovascular disease and learning disabilities, and why cancer and heart attacks are leading killers.

At one point in my life I was someone who was not eating healthfully and my health was suffering because of it. While I looked healthy, I was diagnosed with kidney disease, was getting more-and-more run down, was in and out of the hospital, and was told I would die if I didn't undergo a kidney transplant, "sooner rather than later." Doctors told me I needed to have surgery to prepare my arm so that I could receive kidney dialysis. They also wanted to remove my thyroid gland. And they were sure to keep telling me that I was going to die if I didn’t get that kidney transplant.

I didn’t feel that what the doctors were advising me to do was the right thing for me. I am glad I acted on my feelings, and didn’t get on their surgery tables.

Instead of following the advice of doctors who were advising me to undergo all of those surgeries, I chose to follow the advice of one doctor who was involved in my original diagnosis. That doctor told me that I should not be consuming any animal protein whatsoever. While I was mostly a vegetarian, I still had dairy in my diet, and some things I consumed also had eggs as an ingredient.

Soon after becoming vegan, I began to feel tremendously better. My energy improved, and my health was transformed. For two decades now I have been following a vegan diet that is also free of fried foods, and is usually or almost completely raw.

I have never had that kidney transplant, have never had the surgery to prepare my arm for kidney dialysis, and have not had my thyroid removed. I also never filled the prescription for a drug they said I would need to take for the rest of my life.

I have now met many people who have transformed their health by following a vegan diet that is all or almost all raw.

Anyone who is experiencing any sort of degenerative disease, such as obesity, arthritis, diabetes, cancer, and diseases of the heart, kidneys, liver, and other organs, would do themselves a great favor by learning about the raw vegan diet.

The following paragraph appears in my book, "Sunfood Diet Infusion":

As you simplify, purify, and make your life more vibrant through high quality plant-based nutrition and intentional success-oriented principles and actions, you will start to understand how much nonsense you put yourself through by living a toxic life. You will let go of things you don’t need. You will have more energy, will feel better, and will experience clarity of thought. Your intuition will start to make itself known to you and will be displayed in your reasoning, words, and actions. Solutions to your problems will randomly enter your mind and life. You will feel a radiance in your being that you may have never known. You will be more in alignment with and able to access infinite intelligence. The longer you live healthfully the stronger the frequency will become. You will feel an amplification of all of your senses. You will begin to understand what it is like to be radiantly alive.

In good health,
John McCabe
Author of the books "Sunfood Diet Infusion," "Sunfood Traveler," "Sunfood Living,' and “Igniting Your Life."

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