To gain weight

Q what raw foods does one eat to gain weight ?

A Typically you’re looking to add more calories if you're trying to add weight. Calorically dense foods like dates, bananas, figs, and raisins can be added to smoothies, recipes, or eaten out of hand. We’re just now coming into persimmon season which are fairly high in calories as well.

If you are on a low fruit diet then you are probably already eating a fair amount of fat so adding some sprouted grains or legumes may be the answer for you.

Because most of us come to the raw food diet after eating extremely calorically dense meals most of our life it can be a challenge to eat enough of the typical raw foods which are not calorically dense at all.

It may take a little while to figure out, but soon you’ll know just what you need in the way of daily calories to either keep your present weight or add a few pounds.

And remember exercise is important as well, it stimulates metabolism and improves digestion. Just remember you’ll need to eat additional calories to adjust for the level of your activity.

Please remember that it’s not uncommon for one to lose weight when first starting on the raw diet, and then naturally putting some back on over the months. I think it's also important to note that the average American man today weighs about 25 pounds more than he did in the 1960's, which can make a person feel like they are too skinny or underweight, when actually they are in a healthy condition.

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coordinate diet and exercise
by: Rob Billet

It's interesting how you focused on diet and exercise as a coordinated effort. I was thinking it would also be beneficial to monitor RMR,BMI, and calories burned. Then you would have some accuracy in determining and adjusting your diet for weight gain or loss. If anyone is interested I have found Online calculators available for RMR, BMI & Calories Burned and how to get big muscles. These are pretty simple, just enter your age, weight, height and activities you have done during the day. The calculator's will do the rest and tell you how many calories you use for the whole day and when at rest. This could help someone know how to adjust their diet to either gain weight or lose weight.

**Note from Hugh ~ Good points all. I tend to like the simplest methods so would just try adding more calories with appropriate exercise first and then stepping on the scale. From there you can adjust your caloric intake one way or the other. Then if needed a more scientific approach can be taken, but usually simple is best.

There are also things like quality of calories and absorption of calories as well. Consuming quality foods, chewing the food thoroughly, not eating meals on top of meals, and using digestive supplements if needed can all help a person gain or lose weight. This is all gauged by the caloric intake and adequate exercise.

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