Thirty Four Years and Still going Strong on the Raw Food Diet

by Don Weaver
(Woodside, CA)

I'm grateful to have "discovered" (ha ha) raw foods while a student-athlete at U.C. Berkeley and, after doing a bit of fasting and being inspired by books by "time to wake up" educators like J. Krishnamurti, and the film on St. Francis and St. Clare, "Brother Sun, Sister Moon," I gave the simply delicious 100% raw vegan/Natural Hygienic diet a try in April 1977 at age 21. So far I'm still enjoying the experiment 34 years later and most of the time still feel "twenty-something"! Having my own veganic, mineralized-organic garden since embracing raw food nutrition has been a great help, naturally. It keeps me more closely linked to Nature and the soil-life-health system on which we all depend and which we are called to help regenerate!"

-- Don Weaver, whose latest ebook, Regenerate the Earth!, is available at

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by: Anonymous

good article

Is it true?
by: Alex

Then I would like to start a raw food diet. Could you please share more suggestions regarding the raw food diet? It will be more helpful to me. I hope this dieting may help me to stay stronger at the age of 40.

*********Yes, this is true, I know Don personally and he is a pillar of good health.

The website is loaded with great information to get you started and will answer many of your questions. Enjoy!

Need some tips
by: Ajeetha

Hi Hugh,

I have been looking for options to become completely raw vegan, but cannot find a right diet, that is appetizing as well.

Any tips?


*************Hugh's reply**********

I would start by incorporating more raw foods into your diet and look for raw recipes that may be similiar to some of the foods you enjoy now.

As you begin to clean out your diet your tastebuds will recover from the cooked diet and begin to come alive. At that point even raw lettuce leaves may seem like a wonderful feast. I'm fond of green smoothies and have not found many that don't enjoy them.

Look over the recipes here on the site and see what appeals to you.

Raw Food Recipes

Be persisitant and give it time my friend.

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