The Raw Food Diet helped me overcome depression!

by Simon Martineau
(Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

I have always been deeply sad about illness whether it was other people's or mine. Since I was young I knew that sports were very healthy but everyone knew that. But still, exercise wasn't enough to make me feel 100% healthy.

So I searched all kinds of ways to feel max healthy, all the time.And it's harder in Canada because the winters are so cold and 95% of the people get at least a cold every year.So when I started to read about nutrition in bodybuilding magazines, I realised that it was the missing piece of the puzzle.

I then started to eat mostly organic.
Then I went to work in an organic food store (I was 18 y-o) and met some vegetarian co-workers and I immediately understood that veggie was the next step in the nutrition ladder.

Then I read about animal rights, the cruelty of factory farming and became vegan right away.
A year later I found a Steven Arlin article about raw vegan food and bodybuilding, talking about gorillas and that made so much sense, I started to read everything I could find about raw foods.

I instantly felt so much better just to know that I had finally found the best foods for me, for everyone,forever!

I understood that eating was going to be so much more simple, less expensive, less polluting/energy consuming/wasting and delicious!
So I wanted to share my new discovery with everyone I knew, as I always do (they are so used to it by now!).

But, even tho most people around me didn't understand how the universal powers of changing what they eat work, I'm still living it and am a living proof that illness doesn't have to exist and being healthy is just how we are supposed to live, forever!

So, the most important thing to do to nourish this lifestyle is to connect and surround ourselves with people who are doing it!
Good luck and I wish you the best health ever!

-RawVegan QuebecDude

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