The higher the RPM the lower the quality of juice

Q I been told that the higher the RPM of the juice blender the lower the quality of juice.
Am now confused, do we lose the nutrition value by using the juice blender? and what about the centrifugal?

A I'm not sure if you're talking about juicing or blending. For juice, yes, that's correct. The juicers like the twin gear or the old masticating juicers don't warm the juice up. The centrifugal juicers that I know of are all high speed and there is some nutritional loss with these, although it’s better to juice with one of these than not to juice at all.

In terms of blending, I personally don’t believe there’s significant nutrient loss as long as you’re not blending more than ¾ of a minute total, and the food doesn’t become warm.

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