Sweet Beet Treat

by Babs
(Woodland, CA)

2 apples

1 pear

1 beet

1 kiwi

handful of blue berries

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Jun 02, 2015
Peel the beets! :-)
by: Steffanie

Very good tasty sweet juice. After reading the other comments, and knowing exactly what they were feeling, I must comment to everyone to PEEL your beets! This takes away the "earthy" "dirt" taste & they are delicious & healthy in so many juices!! :-)

Dec 03, 2013
needing an answer
by: Jo G

when talking about beets, is this a short name for beetroot?

Yes, you are correct. :-)

Apr 17, 2013
Very yummy!
by: Anonymous

I am new to juicing and this is incredibly delicious! I never had beets before and I tried just the beet juice itself. I didn't think it was very good :/ but with all the other fruit in it the flavor mellows out and can barely be tasted! I tried strawberries the second time and it is fantastic! And VERY red!

Jan 08, 2013
by: Stefanie

I didn't realize how earthy beets taste. Everything else is sweet so it kinda balanced out. I'll make it again to use up the beets I bought

Nov 24, 2012
Great Combination Recipe
by: Anonymous

I currently turned to the raw food diet and was seeking additional juice recipes and trying different combinations. I came across this raw food diet center and am trying some of the delicious juice recipes. I tried this sweet beet treat recipe is absolutely delicious!!!

At first I was a little hesitant when I read beet as in ingredient of this recipe, primarily because my experience with beets in the past has not gone well. Probably because I had normally purchased it from a local farmers market and the juice was more beets incorporated with other vegetables and the juice was extremely bitter and taste like mud.

To say the least I tried this particular sweet beet treat recipe and I did not have any blueberries on hand but it was just amazing and a simple delicious treat!! The natural sweetness of the fruit and beets also makes it a nice dessert treat! I will certainly continue to make this recipe and will try it with blueberries the next time around!

Thank you for sharing your recipe to all!!

Sep 30, 2012
Earthy Taste
by: Tom

The beet gives it a very earthy taste. Other than that is wasn't bad.

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