Super Detoxifier

by Hugh
(Fairfax, CA)

Although all juices are cleansers and detoxifiers to some extent, this Super Detoxifier juice is an exceptionally great detoxifier. It contains ingredients that by themselves have great cleansing capabilities and put together in this juice have the ability to do a super cleansing.


½ small green cabbage

3 or 4 celery stalks

3 or 4 carrots

½ bunch cilantro

1 whole lemon (with rind)

1 small beet with greens

Fennel tops from large bulb

1” chunk of fresh ginger root

This is a really dark earthy juice, but fairly palatable because of the carrots, lemon, and ginger. Still not for the faint of heart, after all it is a Super Detoxifier. Makes about 28 oz. of fresh juice.

Warning: if you’re new to cleansing either start with another recipe, or cut this with water by 50% before you drink it. This juice can really clean you out in a big way if you’re not used to consuming some of the ingredients in this juice, mainly the cabbage and beets.

But please don’t let this caveat you keep from trying this powerful cleansing and healing juice. I think that’s an important point to expand on. Many times we think of these cleansing juice recipes as doing just that, cleansing, but they are also strong builders. They provide copious amounts of amazing nutrients to help build strong healthy bodies from the inside out. These juices will certainly cleanse and provide nutritional support for the healthiest of bodies.

The Magic of Juicing

The body is continually replacing old cells with new ones. The trick to staying healthy and as youthful as possible is to ensure that the replacement cells are strong and healthy, and functioning as nature intended. When we cleanse with juices or any effective method for that matter, we are allowing the cells to function at their highest capability and increasing the odds that the cells will be replaced by equally healthy cells and not by degraded cells from damaged DNA.

As you can see juicing is far more than running some produce through a juicing machine and drinking it. The long term health implications and benefits from a regular juicing regime are phenomenal.

The key is to continue juicing on some type of regular schedule, even if it’s only on the weekends. And you may find a nice organic juice bar in your neighborhood or near your work that will allow you to enjoy the great benefits of fresh juice while maintaining your full schedule.

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Supporting a Detox
by: Anita

Its really important to support a detox or you can get very sick from detoxing too quickly. I recommend you start taking these critical detoxing nutrients before you start a detox:

1) reduced glutathione (which is an amino acid)
2) Vitamin C with bioflavonoids
3) Alpha Lipoic Acid (also an amino acid)
4) Trace minerals in purified water

It is also very important to take probiotics and digestive enzymes for gut health

You should be able to get these at health food store, get good quality products

Ready for the weekend
by: Weekend juicer

Thanks for the tip about juicing on the weekends. That fits my lifestyle.

I could also juice in the evenings.

first timer
by: Anonymous

Hi, I'm wanting to detox and don't really know where to start! Would I just drink this juice and have nothing else or would I also eat? Thanks.

******You could drink this juice for one meal and then eat salads or fruit for the other meals. Or you could drink nothing but juices and water for a day or two. It depends on how toxic you are and how fast you want to go. Check out the webpages on weight loss and detoxing for more in depth information.

thanks you
by: will gilliam

thanks man for this web site
i am going to try all these juicing recipes

will Gilliam Winterset Iowa

****Thank you and Enjoy!

Got the job done
by: Neil

This one was a little harsh to start with, but got the job done. have been drinking it twice a day for a week now (sometimes with a slight variation) and I feel cleaned out and full of energy.

Will continue on with it until I feel like a change. Recommend this juice to seasoned juicers.

I think I'm really toxic and wants results.
by: Grace

Before i knew that there are juice detoxifier I've tried tried taking green juices in packs but got no good results. I think I really need to remove all the toxins in me to feel really good and I need a good recommendation. I'm 59, 5' and my weight of 70 kilos bothers me a lot and lowers my self-confidence. I know I need help. Thanks.

********There are many ways to detox and you can certainly cleanse your system and become healthier and more self confident. Please read this article:

This list of books and supportive health products may be of help also. Choose one item from each step to start as needed. Cut and paste into browser if need be.

Here is a book that might be a very good read for you. I think through the book you can contact an Arise and Shine distributor that carries this cleansing program.

STEP 1 for you is Cleanse the Colon. Get cleaned out and keep things moving.

Ejuva cleanse is a great cleanse which has been around for a while and gets great results. Much like the Arise and Shine cleanse. Does the colon, liver and parasites/fungus all in one cleanse. This will surely produce great results if you follow directions.

Health Force is a company owned by the brother of my good friend Dr Rick Dina who is a long term raw fooder. They have very good quality products. This one is a combo colon/liver cleanse.

Dr Group at Global Healing Center also has high quality products.

STEP 2 (if needed) depending on where you are after your first cleanse

These two you would want to also do the Liver cleanse as outlined in the Book by Andreas Moritz in the first email I sent you.

STEP 3 (if needed) depending on results from above cleanses.



Digestive Enzymes -

Probiotics -

This is the raw meal replacement I was telling you about. Add one or two scoops to your smoothie to add calories and carry you longer. Tastes better with a tablespoon of raw coconut oil added to smoothie with this. Makes it creamier.

Combine this regime with healthy eating as we discussed for long term life changing health.

Best, Hugh

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