Sugar, get thee behind!

by Helen Kristensen
(NSW Australia)

I think it fair to say, that generally speaking, workers in the Commercial Kitchen Industry are known for a routine of poor eating habits. For example, at the end of a 15 hour shift, I would eat on the 'run', through laziness, tireness, or just a need for a 'sugar fix'. The thoughtless consumption of anything sweet was normal for me as that was the easy way to go and it fulfilled my sugar craving.

Needless to say, that over the years, this life style resulted in substantial weight gain.

I was encouraged by Hugh in early 2009 to try "Raw" and to my surprise, I not only felt a whole lot better, I also, over a relatively short period of time, dropped over 15 kgs in weight. I have not regained the lost weight and continue to maintain an active work timetable.

For the sake of good health with side benefits of substantial weight loss, I would encourage participation in the consumption of Raw Foods.

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