Sugar Cravings

by Sheila Bailey
(Salisbury, NC, America)

Q I can't stop eating sugar, what can I use instead of sugar. Is raw sugar OK.

A I don’t believe you're having Sugar Cravings, but rather the overgrowth of bad bugs in your system are. Probably a candida overgrowth. Candida resides in our bodies and helps keep things clean when our systems are in balance, but when we eat more sugar than we should we feed the candida and it multiplies. Then it wants more sugar so it turns into a vicious cycle with never ending cravings.

After a while this can really impact your health in a negative way so you must get your body back in balance, but as you know this is not easy because of the sugar cravings.

There are a number of things you can do to bring the candida back in check and curb your sugar cravings. Anything from a water fast to over the counter candida cleanses. If you have a natural health practitioner you can work with I would ask them about a fast or cleanse they would recommend. If you have the time and resources you might even consider a supervised fast. In the end your approach might depend on your overall health, your willpower, and your daily schedule.

A great cleanse that is easy to follow and does a thorough job is the Ejuva Cleanse. You can find it near the bottom of the Detox Diet webpage, but read through the entire page because all the information will be helpful to you as will the other detox pages and recipes on the website.

There are a number of remedies and various cleanses on the market, but you want a reliable one that will get in and do the trick.

After the Sugar Cravings

It’s very important that after you cleanse and your body is in balance again that you do not start on the sweets again. A piece of fruit or two a day is OK, but other than that no sweets until you have a long time of success under your belt.

Fat is also a key factor in candida and glycemic issues for that matter. Too much fat in the diet and your blood becomes full of fat which keeps insulin from doing its job in ushering the sugar into the cells. This is when blood sugar spikes and candida rises to the occasion for a meal. Fat and sugar is a poor dietary combination.

Greens in general and green juices in particular help keep the body clean and detox the system gently so I recommend a diet high in greens…for life. The various webpages on the site have heaps of information that will help you live a long healthy well balanced life.

Please keep me posted on your progress.

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