Smoking Effects

Q Could you please advise me on some veggie tips for reducing smoking effects?
I quit smoking....!

A Congratulations on quitting smoking and embarking on the journey to greater health. And on the financial side, not only are you saving money now, but saving loads down the road in terms of health problems and insurance costs. And of course those around you are no longer exposed to the second hand smoke.

The human body is amazing and began to clean up the internal debris from smoking as soon as you quit. Of course the best way to help the process along is to include large quantities of healthy foods. Adding more raw fruits and vegetables in general and leafy greens specifically will do wonders to clean out your system and provide the building blocks for a healthy body.

Juices with leafy greens are said to be very effective in not only detoxing the body, but helping to remove the desire for nicotine at all. There are some great detox juice blends that you can either make yourself or purchase at a juice bar if that’s an option for you. Green smoothies would be another great way to help the body clean out and build at the same time. Large salads will keep things moving and allow for further cleansing of your system. There are loads of healthy recipes for juices, smoothies, salads and main courses on the website which will help you get going.

Exercise will greatly speed up the healing process. If only a walk around the block to start, but build up to at least ½ hour of walking or exercise a day. If you’re able to do more great, go for hike, bike ride or swim. Daily exercise is important for anyone trying to remain healthy and age gracefully.

Please let me know if you have any further specific question I can help with.

Be Well and Wonderful, Hugh

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