Red Pepper Refresher

by michael
(Goodyear, AZ )

The Red Pepper Refresher is a juice with a twist. Michael adds a little Tabasco sauce and chia seed to the finished juice to make more of a meal out of it. I say enjoy it however you like. If you want it straight up, enjoy. If you follow the recipe here, which does sound good, then enjoy that as well.

Flexibility is where it’s at when dealing with recipes of any kind I think. They can be a good starting point and an opportunity to let your creativity flow.

1 whole large red bell pepper

1 small whole cucumber

1 bunch of broccoli

1 small whole carrot

2 whole stalks of celery

1/2 cup jicama (skin on)

1/2 whole lime (rind on)

1 handful fresh basil

Add a few drops of Tabasco sauce (to taste)

add 2 teaspoons of whole chia Seeds to the juice and shake well.

A great between meal snack!

This is a really nicely balanced list of ingredients that will provide a great nutritional profile. Some of the ingredients we don’t see much in juicing, like the broccoli, jicama, and basil. All of these add new layers of flavor, with the bonus of a more varied nutritional profile.

Sweet Peppers (orange, yellow, and red only, green ones are unripe) protect against sunburn and are good for the heart. They contain good levels of, beta carotene, vitamin C, folate, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, vitamin E, vitamin K, iron, manganese

Jicama is a good source of vitamin C, copper, iron

Basil – is known to be antiseptic, antibacterial, fungicidal, and a digestive aid. It contains good levels of beta carotene, vitamin C, folate, B1,B2, B3, B5, B6,vitamin E, copper, magnesium, potassium, iron, manganese, phosphorus, calcium, zinc, and even some omega 3.

The Red Pepper Refresher might be a nice one for a weekend juice fast mixed in with a few more of your favorites.

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by: Anonymous

Good for with healthy lifestyle is important.

by: alsia

This is not only a refresher but is good for the one who exercises a lot. The use of the Basil and the Jicama was unknown to me. But I tried this at home and it was very good. Thank you so much for this healthy recipe.

Jicama sweet root
by: Anonymous

Jicama is a sweet root. It is abundant in Mexico. Very good, especially for kidneys

Jicama substitute
by: Scraggies

If you can't find Jicama substitute crisp white turnip.
The taste is best described as a cross between a water chestnut and an apple.

- water chestnuts
- asian pears (can drain liquid to make them more 'crunchy')
- radishes
- apples


Hugh's reply****Thank you, that is a good description of the taste.

What is
by: Anonymous

Could you please tell me what Jicama is, I live in England and we don't have anything here called that. is there is another name for it or something I can use instead of it many thanks.

Hugh's reply**** Jicama is a vegetable from south america. About the size of a large orange with hard, but juicy white flesh that is slightly bland. I don't know of another name for it.

Red Pepper Refresher
by: Anonymous

Sorry guys, I forgot to include the two whole celery stalks, but can't figure out how to append the recipe.

Hugh's Reply******* Done.

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