Recovery from Stroke

by K. Coffman
(Shelton, WA.)

First I have been on juicing & raw food for about 1 1/2 weeks. I had a Major stroke about 7 years ago, could not talk, walk, and no memory. Through rehab all cleared up except right arm and hand nerve, and some of speech. Now after doing this, nerve has healed and speech is better, almost perfect. So excited. I am 66.

I did not tell you, my rehab doctor told me "since it has been over a year after stroke, your chances of getting the hand to work again are very little" so after 6 1/2 years it is working. I has to be the raw food diet I went on.

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healing food
by: Anonymous

Contact a group on Facebook Dr. Sebi healing food.

by: Rony

I am very happy to hear your story. I think you have much confidence to overcome from such situations. Also I know there is a main role for the food items that you have eaten. Anyway I am very glad to hear your success story.

My dad and global aphasia
by: Anonymous

My dad had a stroke at the age of 51, and it has been hard. He has global aphasia and apraxia of speech. We are going to try a partial to full vegan diet. His diet will consists of about 75% to 100% raw fruits and vegetables. I wonder how fast he will recover and how much he will recover. I really hope this is going to work.

*****Best wishes to you and your dad and may he have a speedy recovery. <3

stroke recovery and raw food
by: Anonymous

My husband is on meds, lots of them, because he had a stroke. We are raw fooders, but now he is fed through a peg and his nutrition and health are compromised. Also the meds, which we do not approve of, \(long story) are compromising his health and mind. Anyone know how to introduce nutrition to a stroke survivor who is fed only through the peg?
Just recently he was taken off any food or water by mouth. (meds cause swallowing difficulties) Help!
We believe the medications are harmful.

*******can you email me at

by: Anonymous

What are some of the foods, juices, or smoothies you used?

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