Raw for 12 years and loving it!

by Prana Deva
(Garberville, CA)

I started the raw food diet in 2001 and was eating all raw in 2002. Within 1 year of eating all raw I had lost 25 pounds, lost all my allergies (cats & pollen), lost my psoriasis, healed some nail fungus, sleep apnea, and being sick with the cold and flu several times a year, sometimes a month or longer at a time.

I experienced some heavy detox when I started eating a high fruit low fat diet. My skin turned grey, I was constantly tired all the time, I had dark circles under my eyes, and I needed to sleep 16 to 18 hours a day. It was necessary for me to take 4 months off from work to allow this cleansing and healing to take place.

My body had become so behind in its internal housekeeping from working long hours (60-70/week) for 18 years and using several cups of coffee to keep myself going through that gruesome pace.

After this detox, I experienced a new state of vibrancy and health I had never experienced before. I became more aware of nature, more sensitive to subtle energies, and had a higher vibration than before.

One of the things that helped me with the challenges of the raw diet was my yoga. I started yoga in 2000, and shortly after that began a personal yoga practice. I also did a lot of work discovering and learning how to effective release emotional pain that was stored in my body, and learning how not to stuff emotions back into my body. One of the challenges raw foodists will face as they shed their excess pounds and become more sensitive to the world around them is how to deal with the ever present pain of people in our society who are not working on themselves.

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by: Anonymous

Your last comment rings true. As I eat more and more raw foods (it's been 10 months), I am at a point now that I need to learn to peacefully shield myself from receiving 'emotion bombs' from people. I more and more feel that people feel safe with me to release all their emotions on me and I am not trained to deal with this. It's very draining.

Thank you
by: Dave

Really enjoyed reading about your raw travels. Keep up the good work! I need inspirations like you :)

Words of Joy !
by: Jan

Excellent testimony ! So happy you shared ! Continue on this journey !

All the very best !

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