Raw Food Weight Loss

by chellaswapan

Yes! raw diet is great. I have cutoff 18lbs within 15 days. I feel more energetic than ever before. I prefer smoothy in morning breakfast & cooked food in lunch, and a bowl of salad in dinner. Really its amazing.

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Life is a journey!
by: Anonymous

My journey has been a roller coaster! 100 percent vegan, then raw all day and some cooked beans and mushrooms in the evening. Then completely raw all week, and only some cooked veggies and mushrooms on the weekend. I went fully raw for two months and I love it! It's a journey of discovery! People feel they failed because they ate something cooked! You didn't fail..we all get to our goal via different bridges. The goal is all the same, health, happiness, freedom, and longevity!

******Well said

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