Raw food lifestyle gave me new life at age 54

by Keith Evans
(Cape Town, South Africa)

My wife Gayleen and I live in Cape Town, South Africa. I am a Raw-Foods-Dominant-Lifestyle Advocate We are both active in the raw food movement in South Africa.We distribute raw chocolates with soft center fillings under Gayleen’s Raw Treats

In October 2008 I came to a fork in the road of my life. I had been going physically and mentally downhill for years. My Doctor wanted me to go onto satins; I had a cholesterol reading of 8.1. My weight had crept up 98kg (215.6lbs) my BMI to 29.3; my blood sugar was at 6.1 and climbing, I suffered from perennial rhinitis and had major acid problems. I decided to change my life. I went RAW.After18 months of following a raw vegan diet my cholesterol was a 3.7, my blood sugar at 4.1, my weight down to 75kg (165lbs), my BMI was at 22.4, I had no acid problems and no more rhinitis. I had let food be my medicine. My mind has opened up to so many new things and I have boundless energy. The great thing is that I have enjoyed the journey. I did not deny or starve myself. I have eaten the most scrumptious meals, unforgettable desserts, raw chocolates with soft delectable fillings. I can go on and on. Going raw saved my life… and it can save yours as well

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Just Starting My Journey
by: Sean L

I loved this story. My wife and I are just starting our journey literally. I'm on day two and lost 5 lbs but feel great! We moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in 2000 and I have been gradually gaining weight over the years. I can't wait to see the results!

***Note from Hugh****Congratulations on starting on your new journey to greater health Sean. You’ll be so glad you did.

Amazing what can be accomplished
by: Alison

I enjoyed reading your story!

Diet and lifestyle changes were responsible for my major health breakthrough starting very slowly in 1987 by the year 2000 my blood tests showed I no longer needed Lithium for bipolar or Synthroid for hypothyroidism. I've been in optimal health for over a decade with no medication of any kind.

Here's to vibrant health and longevity!

by: Toni Allen

I love your story and just shared it in my Raw and Delicious Lifestyles facebook group. You are an true inspiration!!

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