Raw food diet and parkinson disease

by Ellie F.
(Chicago )

Q. My husband has parkinson disease do you know any food that would benefit him? Thank you so much.

A. Thank you for taking the time to email me your question. It is however a pretty complex question and we could chat for hours about it, but I will do my best. Since I’m not a doctor and don’t prescribe or presume to know exactly what’s going on with your husband’s particular situation I’ll tell you what I have found to be true.

The first thing that comes to mind is the possibility of vitamin B-12 deficiency effecting good health. Other very important deficiencies to be aware of are vitamin D, essential fatty acids (primarily omega 3’s), and colloidal iodine. I would recommend getting tested by a natural health practitioner and see if supplementation might help.

Elimination of harmful substances in the diet such as sugar, white flour and in fact most wheat products, processed foods, cut way back on dairy and meat consumption, stimulants, canned or bottled drinks and juices, anything with hidden sugar.

Eating a well balanced diet including lots of leafy green vegetables and as much raw food as can comfortably be done. Green juices provide super nutrition and are very easy for the body to assimilate.

After age 40 or so many people find they need to take digestive enzymes with their meals and a hydrochloric acid (HCL) supplement after each meal.

There other healing modalities aside from diet that may help as well. If you want to hear more about those just let me know.

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