Overcoming Mercury Poisoning from Amalgam Fillings

by Sandi Zeitman
(Los Altos)

Below is my dental story that was published in Bill Henderson's Cancer-Free Newsletter.

At the end of the story are resources.

I had been very ill for 50 years, and getting worse since 2006. Finally, I found the cause was due to severe mercury poisoning from amalgam (also called silver) fillings in my mouth, which consisted of mercury, silver and other toxic metals. Infections from root canals, an abscess tooth, mixed metals in crowns, and non-compatible dental materials, added even more stress and disease.

September 22, 2011 marked my second year anniversary of complete dental revision. My health has tremendously improved.

I continue to learn more and more about the connection of dental toxicity and the many diseases it causes. And the dangers of root canals and extracted teeth. Cancer, strokes, arthritis, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, and the list goes on and on. The list of symptoms is endless as well.

It's sad that to this day, dentists continue putting mercury fillings in peoples' mouths, including children. And it's sad that the American Dental Association (ADA) barely admits that mercury is dangerous in the body.

You have a right to be informed. All health practitioners need to be aware of this issue, and discuss it with their patients.

To listen to the radio interview: < >http://www.WebTalkRadio.net, click on Shows, Show Hosts, Bill Henderson, Archived Shows, and Dental Toxins and Health.

There are resources at the end of the story.

InJoy Full Health,
Sandi Zeitman

Here's a summary of my experience.

Long Journey, I have been sick and fatigued since the age of 10. In my 20’s, I began visiting numerous doctors, studying health and exploring nutrition. The time and money I spent, and the trial and error approach, brought me more knowledge and closer to achieving wellness. I became very good at doctoring myself. I continued to open up to the abundant and unlimited possibilities that the Universe had to offer. I knew that there were many more doors to open to find wellness. I knew that no matter how hard it was, and how dismal I felt, I needed to continue persevering until I got to the root of the cause.

Next Chapter in my Life. Put on your seatbelt...I had been getting sicker and sicker since 2006 with a second stroke and a first-time seizure. Caused by a whip lash on a roller coaster, and replacement of dental materials on several root canal teeth. Those teeth bled and hurt for two years, and the dentist said that it was normal. In June 2009, new scary symptoms appeared. I could no longer dance or take walks because of leg weakness and knees buckling. For no good reason, I would fall down. I was fearful of going up and down stairs. I continued to deeply study and research health matters. I came across the subject of dental toxicity. It addressed neurological issues. It discussed autoimmune conditions. Oh those strokes, the seizure, the dizzy spells, all the years of excruciating head pain, the memory problems, the chronic fatigue, and so much more that I had endured for an eternity. It all made sense.

California Girl goes to Texas. My big news is that I went to Texas at the end of September 2009 to have a dental revision performed. I had 24 of 32 teeth revised, which means the mercury and the other toxic metals such as aluminum and nickel were removed. The root canal teeth and abscess tooth were pulled out, and all the infections in those teeth were cleaned out. I chose this particular dental office in Texas because they use the Huggins protocol, which is very safe, especially for people who have compromised immune systems and have been very sick like me. Texas was awesome. The dentist and staff were very caring and nurturing. I was in good hands.

Four Amazing Things occurred after the dental revision. First, there was no pain. Second, I had no side effects from the drugs. Third, I was in awe all night, admiring my mercury and metal-free teeth, and watching the blood clot from the pulled teeth heal within a few hours. Fourth, many of the weird symptoms of 50 years subsided or lessened. I can now dance and walk again without the fear of falling. I am rebuilding my immune system. I feel a wealth of health!

This is a miracle, and I feel blessed.

There are four people whom I am ever grateful to for this dental toxicity information and support. First is Bill Henderson, who has many articles and lectures on the dental subject. Second is Patrick Timpone who has a dental section on his radio website with free 24/7 podcasts. Third is Dr. Hal Huggins, who has books, articles, and information on his website. Dr. Huggins is the dentist who had his license taken away for blowing the whistle on mercury poisoning forty years ago. To this day, he is still harassed. I am deeply grateful to him for sacrificing his life for me. Fourth, big hugs and thanks to Dr. Stuart Nunnally and his staff who made my dreams of health come true. His website and staff are very informative. You all are in my prayers and thoughts every day. Thank you all a million zillion!

I highly encourage you to do your research. Good places to start are Bill Henderson's radio show and website, Beating-Cancer-Gently.com, Patrick Timpone's radio podcasts at OneRadioNetwork.com, Dr. Hal Huggins at HugginsAppliedHealing.com, (866) 948-4638, and Dr. Stuart Nunnally at HealthySmilesForLife.com, 888-690-3646. If anyone wants to contact me, please do so at < sandizeitman@sbcglobal.net.

Bill, Thank You So Much For Everything You Do!
Sandi Zeitman

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silenced person at age
by: Anonymous

Aloha and Mahalo from Hawaii... First I'd like to thank you for sharing on internet. Many in Hawaii are affected since the late 60's and Healing process of being healthy is a major natural role.
The sun in Hawaii is quite strong and majority have skin allergies along with amalgtam symptoms....Take Safe Steps, Many seek there lives back.

by: Sania

The tips that are shared here on the webpage to overcome amalgam poisoning will be helpful to many who are looking for antidote for amalgam poisoning. The raw food ideas shared here are also so much helpful to me.

Searching for a holistic dentist
by: lili

hi sandi,

i have too have a similar story to yours--as a Kinidergartner thru 1st grade, i was healthy, alert, but towards the end of 1st grade to 2nd grade where i received at least 9 mercury amalgams over a 2 dental visits (of which i threw up when i got home), i then started having very low energy levels, was always sick with colds (4-5 colds every winter), and in my 20s, i was so dizzy the room was spinning. i went to get my blood test done--nothing wrong they found, i went to get an mri for my brain thinking i had a tumor--nothing found, or maybe it was i swallowed a broken mercury filling?
the only thing that relieved me was initially eating more vegetables raw (of which as a child i was only allowed 1 apple once in a while, and had a very poor poor diet).
i was getting headaches 3x a week, and very severe.
then i stopped eating meat for 1 year, and never had a headache that year. when i started eating meat again, the headaches came back. then i researched and found it was probably the antibiotics (and steroids, and pesticides/herbicides) they gave to the animals that probably caused my headaches every time after i ate meat. then i tried organic meats, and headaches didnt happen although it still did--which made me suspect the organic meat wasnt completely "organic".
now from 2011 to 2013, i have had horrible headaches on a weekly basis, even though i'm eating raw fruits & veggies, drinking spring water, and my head would now feel hot--like its being cooked, and i suspect its the mercury in my mouth spreading to my head and neck and shoulders, IN ADDITION to all the cellphone towers frequency waves, the GWEN towers being built, and all those air "pollution" waves that are acting as a microwave to the metal in my head.

so i ask if you could please recommend a holistic dentist in the San Jose bay area that can remove my mercury fillings and replace with porcelain.

thank you kindly,

*****Hugh's Reply*****Dr Timothy Gallagher in Sunnyvale did some work for me years ago and he was great. He came highly recommended to me and I give the same recommendation.

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