Orange Carrot Juice

6 carrots

3 Large oranges

Great in the morning!

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Mar 16, 2016
Juice for 1
by: Anonymous

I'm looking for juice recipes for 1 person. don't like waste and new to juicing.

Can anyone help.

******Start with any recipe here on the website and pare it down to about 2 pounds of vegetables then juice away. That should give you about 2 cups of juice.

Or you can choose about 2 pounds of anything that sounds good. It's pretty hard to go wrong with juicing. Stay away from the obvious like cabbage and garlic to start with.

You can adjust your quantities as you learn more.

May 14, 2013
Love this!
by: Anonymous

I make this quite often. I use two oranges, two large carrots, and I add 1/4 cup plain water or coconut water. Delicious!!! I am new to juicing. I have tried recipes from other sites, but have found very few that I like. However, I will definitely try some of the recipes from this site. They sound fabulous!

May 13, 2013
Too thick
by: Anonymous

Unfortuntely I don't have a juicer, but a Ninja Mixer. I found the juice to be too thick, to keep it on the healthy side, what would you recommend adding to make it less thick? Water? Juice?


Hugh's reply **** You could purchase a nut milk bag or use cheese cloth and filter/strain the mixture. There is no problem drinking it thick, it's just like a smoothie, but if you want juice then you will have to strain out the pulp.

Feb 13, 2013
by: Marice

First recipe with my new juicer. Will make this a daily one for myself. Love it!!

Jul 09, 2012
Juicer or Blender
by: Anonymous

can i use a blender or much better if i use a juicer ??? thanks!!!

******* you can use a blender and then pour the contents through a nut milk bag or similar and you'll have juice. Or you can just drink your blended smoothie which is great for you also.

Apr 04, 2012
sooo goood
by: Anonymous

Very refreshing. One of my favs ;)

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