Minerals and the Raw Food Diet

Q. So what’s the big deal with minerals, are they really that important?

A. Minerals are absolutely Critical to good health. According to David Wolfe, “95% of all body functions rely upon minerals. Minerals orchestrate the delicate biochemistry of our bodies.” Today health educators in the know will tell you that all disease is either caused by toxicity or deficiency, and if you think about it you’ll realize it’s true. And the full spectrum of minerals required for good health are very deficient in a majority of the population today, in America perhaps 95% deficient.

Crops grown on mineral deficient soil, food processing techniques, food choices, and food preparation techniques are responsible for this deficiency. These are some of the reasons people follow a raw food diet, and why I recommend people consume plenty of organic green juices and sea vegetables which are great sources of bio available minerals. In short we are a mineral deficient society and our rising negative health statistics and the ensuing global health crisis reflect just that.

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