Marijuana Weight Loss Tonic

by Mrs. Mary Jane
(Los Angeles, CA)

This Marijuana Weight Loss Tonic juice is very tasty and a winner for those looking to shed the pounds. I have found that unlike smoked marijuana, which can lead to the munchies and weight gain, consuming the fresh leaves actually helps with weight loss. If you drink this on a regular basis you’ll be skinny in no time at all.


10 Leaves of Raw, marijuana in its natural state (not burnt, not cooked, not made for smoking)
2 carrots
handful of parsley
3 stalk of kale
1 slice of watermelon with rind
1 slice of pineapple (for sweetness)

Pour over ice and enjoy (optional)

Warning: ingesting raw marijuana leaves should not give you any kind of high, however if you have concerns I would leave it out of the recipe.

For those who don’t have access to marijuana you may enjoy this recipe without it as well.

note from Hugh It is true that many amazing benefits of cannabis are coming to light at increasing frequency, although I am not really familiar with much of the research except some dealing with components of the plant that are extremely powerful in eradicating cancer. Many of the strains that are showing positive results contain very low to no THC at all, but are high in other natural chemicals that were basically bred out of the plant decades ago by the pot industry as they strove for higher levels of THC.

If you were using some of these newer or re-found strains you may be turning this juice into a very powerful health tonic.

I personally can’t see any harm in this juice, but let your inner guidance direct you in your decision whether to try it or not.

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