I've had PHENOMENAL success being ORGANIC RAW

by June Ribaldi

I went Organic RAW after being Hospitalized for 1 year and 4 months after the passing of my Beloved Mate of 15 Years. All because I sought Grief Counseling All this Shrink wanted to do was Make me take Highly toxic poisonous Drugs. And I DID NOT I was taken in for an evaluation, aka 5150.

I could of gotten out if I agreed to take the so called Medication. I did not. 3 Days turned into 3 Months The Judge order me to take Lithium and wham Took my Life away. Put me on Guardianship and it took Attorneys a year to get me out.

The day I was released. I went RAW and 100% ORGANIC Did not ever take another Pill. Quit (( cold turkey)) Never have seen a SHRINK, aka psychiatrist again. I'VE HAD ZERO MOOD SWINGS, NOT 1 Entire Bad Day. Life has never been better. Even, Stable, Sound Mind. PHENOMENAL Natural Energy No Processed Sugars or and Stimulant Drinks. Whats amazing about being ORGANIC RAW is CLARITY,Sleeping is Sound and waking up REFRESHED Went in the Hospital weighing 129 out at 211 I have not Dieted not even 1 Day. I am currently at or under my original weight. In less than 2 Years.

What I also incorporated in my life is GUIDED MEDITATIONS from the Chopra Center. RAWFOOD EATING REGIME IS LIFE SAVING for MIND,BODY and SPIRIT. Most people think I'm in my 30"s. Add 2 Decades plus.I feel as Great as if I'm 19. MEMORY is Sensational as well.

Update Now Growing some of my Organic food Live at the Beach. Seriously The WORST situation of my Life Has turned out to be the GREATEST THING that ever happened.

Please people if your not eating 100 Organic And Mostly RAW 99% What happened to me could happen to you. Spare yourself and Go ORGANIC RAW No downsides Only POSITIVES. In July it will be 2 years 100% ORGANIC and RAW.

Oh yeah. Of course there were 4 Exceptions I ate some cooked bites, but No Fully Cooked meals.

Once you go RAW and Incorporate SUPER-FOOD like Fresh WHEAT GRASS You Live in a continuous Alkaline state. Unless of course you eat to many Organic Sprouted nuts. :) :)

Keep on LIVING

P.S. Don't forget to Sprout. :)

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