Is There A Natural Cure for Psoriasis?

Q Please does anyone have any tips which have helped them with severe psoriasis? Not drug or medical or lotions. Thank you so much for such a balanced, comprehensive, helpful, informative, interesting site!

A I’m not a doctor and don’t prescribe, however there are a number of things you can do to clear up psoriasis in a natural way. First and foremost, diet. Poor digestion can lead to undigested proteins which can be a factor with psoriasis. Eliminating excessive animal products, processed foods, junk food, etc. will help clear the body so it can heal itself. A high raw food diet with green juices and or green smoothies would be great.

Depending on your situation you may need to support your digestion with some digestive enzymes, and systemic enzymes taken between meals may be of use as well. Depending on your age you could have low stomach acid and might need to supplement with HCL.

Eating dark leafy greens, even those that are bitter like dandelion will help cleanse the liver which is very important in dealing with any health issue.

Getting plenty of sunshine is also important as vitamin D can help with this condition. You may have to supplement with vitamin D3 if you can’t get enough or don’t convert from sunshine.

A wide variety of nutrients are needed to support any healthy body and in particular for psoriasis, glutathione a master antioxidant seems to be very important. An intake of the mineral selenium, found in Brazil nuts will help provide the building block for glutathione production.

And as you probably already know stress can lead to outbreaks. Lowering your overall stress is good for general health and particularly for those who suffer with psoriasis.

Take a look at these Raw Food Recipes and see what you can work into your diet.

A topical application of coconut oil may also be of use.

I suggest you take this information to your Natural health care provider and see what they recommend.

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