Is it OK to juice while nursing?

by Maranda

Q I would like to try juicing. My goal is to alleviate painful joints and stiffness, and to have more energy to chase my 4 little ones. I do have weight to loose, but that is not my motivation. The youngest is three months and I plan to nurse for another year or so. I know not to detox while nursing, but from what I understand detox is inevitable when juicing. Please help. Do I need to wait?

A Great question Maranda. Juicing is not only a good way to detox, but also a great way to increase nutrient absorption which would be great for your 3 month old since you’ll be passing those nutrients on.

I would say if you are not replacing meals with juicing then you would be OK to enjoy some fresh juices. If you have a glass of juice about ½ hour or so before a meal and then have your meal you’ll be fine. You may even just have juice now and then in lieu of a solid meal. Now if you were replacing multiple meals with juicing that would be different. If you start to notice any detox symptoms go back to following each juice with a meal.

Green smoothies might also be a great way to get more energy for chasing the little ones around the house. They are not as cleansing as straight juice, but are easier on digestion and should provide more energy for you. They can definitely be a meal replacement if you drink enough. The website has a host of Smoothie Recipes that should work well for you.

As for joint pain and stiffness you might try cutting down on dairy and wheat (gluten), and also lowering your consumption of omega 6 fatty acids, which are found in abundance in meat and dairy products. The omega 6’s block the absorption of much needed omega 3’s which would be good for your joints. Omega 3’s are found in many foods, but in higher concentrations in flax, chia, and hemp seeds.

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Great question and advice
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the question and advice I had the same question... I've been juicing for a snack to tide me over until supper and keep my energy levels up during that mid afternoon crash we all seem to have. I am also breastfeeding my six week old and have been juicing for a couple of weeks now but only one juice a day as to not over do it and risk the detox 😄

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