How to handle detox symptoms?

Q I'm on day 2 in raw food detox, and I am quite tired. I also have a headache, any tips?

A First let me say congratulations on doing a detox diet to improve your health. That’s Great, and although it may not seem like it now your body thanks you.

You have two choices with your situation. You can tough it out which will mean that the toxin debris will be leaving your body quicker and be over sooner, or you can slow the detox down so it is easier to handle and function in day to day activities, but will mean the overall detox will last longer.

This also depend s on how healthy you are and what your present toxic load is. Even if you are healthy, your body may require many cleanses over the years to cleanse deep enough to remove toxins from your childhood. My point being although you will see amazing results from a cleanse now, more cleanses will probably be needed down the road anyway so being comfortable now may be important to you.

If you’re eating solid raw food meals now then you can add in more fat which will slow the detox and its associated symptoms. If you’re doing a green smoothie or juice cleanse then you can incorporate more solid raw foods into your cleanse and slow down the detox that way.

Water is the most cleansing, followed by juice, smoothies, whole raw foods, and then healthy cooked foods. Depending where you are on your health journey you can choose what is most appropriate for you in your raw food detox plan. You can add, mix or delete these cleansing foods to achieve the level of cleansing and associated detox symptoms you can handle.

Plenty of pure water is also important to flush the toxins from your system and green foods, which are alkalizing, can be very helpful in buffering the acidity of the toxic waste.

You can read more about the Detox Diet and follow a link at the bottom of that page to the Detox Diet Recipes.

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