How much weight loss can I expect when starting the raw diet?

Q How much weight loss can I expect when starting the raw diet?

A It really depends on a number of issues like your current weight and health, what type of raw diet you will be consuming, existing hormone issues, and how fast you want to lose it.

But generally you can expect to shed extra pounds on a regular basis until you reach your optimum weight. If you’re eating a well balanced raw diet accompanied by appropriate exercise then you should have no problem at all reaching your desired weight. And the important thing to remember is that with this consistent healthy weight loss your body will normalize at its ideal weight and will stay there. Eating a natural diet is a healthy long lasting way to lose weight.

If you feel inclined you can speed up the process by doing a juice fast either short or long term. Green smoothies can be quite useful as well.

There are a number of people who have shed 150 pounds or more following a raw food diet. It’s not only weight lost, but the associated health issues that clear up when following a natural raw food diet.

The Success Stories shares the stories of other people have benefited from the raw food diet.

The Raw Food Weight Loss page has more useful information and links to other supportive information.

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