High alkalinity

Q Could one become overly alkaline on all raw food? What would be the symptoms?

A It is possible to become over alkaline, or alkalosis as it’s referred to, but not very common. The reason I say that is because there are a number of influences in our life that create an acid condition. Stress is perhaps the biggest one, and even stress can be broken down into sub categories. Stress from cell towers and other electric pollution, stress from environmental pollution, stress at work or social gatherings, and even stress from simply driving in your car to the store. It’s virtually impossible to not be effected by some amount of stress if you are alive and breathing.

Lack of oxygen in the body, poor digestion, eating unripe fruits or other foods, all these things contribute to an acid condition. And then there are of course acid foods in the diet. Most experts say the diet should be made up of 80% alkaline forming foods and 20% acid forming foods, so if this model is followed you should be in balance if you’re doing all you can to control the other stressors in your life.

Dr. Gabriel Cousens says there are some people who need more of an acid terrain to function properly. That could explain one symptom of being in alkalosis, which is craving acid forming foods like animal products or nuts.

Other possible symptoms associated with alkalosis could be associated with a number of other conditions, but I will list them here anyway. They are light headedness, confusion, mild twitching, and numbness mainly present in extremities.

It’s possible to use pH paper to test both the urine and saliva. If the readings are too alkaline it could mean you’re overly alkaline, or that your body is using loads of alkaline minerals to balance your acid system. Over time if the pH is still too high then you probably are too alkaline.

Take a look at this page on Alkaline Foods for more information and to see several books that delve further into the subject.

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