Healing Digestive Disorders and Feeling Great!

by Sara B.
(Mill Valley, CA)

Since 2010 I have been predominantly (95 - 100%) eating a low fat raw vegan diet. Occasionally, on a cold winter night, I might lightly steam some veggies. Yet, the mainstay of my diet is low fat raw foods.

For almost a decade I was an ex-pat living mostly in Asian countries and eating vegetarian, however it was not a healthy vegetarian diet. During that time in Asia, I ate mostly cooked food to be sure that any bacteria was killed off during the cooking process. I felt fine while in Asia, however when I returned to California, I began to feel tired and sluggish and various conditions arose (IBS, Leaky Gut Syndrome, and Chronic Constipation, to name a few)

Various Doctors suggested pharmaceutical drugs and even surgery, however I said no to all of them. I took matters into my own hands after researching how food itself has the power to heal. With determination, I have fully healed ALL my digestive tract disorders and enjoy a wonderfully healthy life

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