Golden Greens

by Hugh

Golden greens utilizes the golden beet, a vegetable not very well known but gaining popularity amongst health enthusiasts. It’s a nice change from the red beet because of the difference in nutritional profiles and also its juice does not stain the way the red beet does.

This juice is very satisfying and loaded with green power. I truly believe that greens are the key to longevity and vibrant health. Greens are basically energy from the sun put into another form to aid us in our good health. They alkalize and purify the system.

Last week I read a great article by Dr Mercola highlighting work done by Risa Schulman, Ph.D on how important greens are in converting the CoQ10 in your body into ubiquinol, which is actually the form your body can utilize. One of the functions of the ubiquinol is energy production in the mitochondria of each cell in which energy is produced.

Text below in italics taken from Dr Mercola’s article.

"The reason it does this flipping back and forth between these two forms of the molecule is that this is part of the process that helps us to change our food into energy," Schulman explains.

"This is very important to healthy functioning, and obviously important for all muscles, in particular your heart muscle, which works hardest of all the muscles."

Ever drink a fresh green juice and feel energized? Well now you know why.

Beets have the highest sugar content of any vegetable, which makes them an ideal vegetable to juice with harsher bitter greens. Although in this recipe they’re paired with two greens that are very easy on the palate.

Ingredients for Golden Greens

2 golden beets

1 large bunch of spinach

Tops from one fennel bulb

½ lemon

Golden beets are excellent kidney and body cleansers, high in healthy antioxidants, and they’re good for the heart. They lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and can help with fatigue and anemia. Beets lower the risk of heart disease and are helpful in preventing a variety of cancers. And yet one more benefit is that they are said to be good for the eyes and skin.

Golden beets contain good amounts of fiber, potassium, iron, and folic acid. They are loaded with nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin A, flavonoids, beta-carotene, zeaxanthin and lycopene.

I would have use the beet tops in this recipe as well, but had already used them in my green smoothie that morning.


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by: Pita

This was far better than I expected. I love this juice and many of the amazing recipes I found on this site. I have my favorites that I go with and sometimes try a new one. I look and feel so great since I started juicing.

Thank you to this website for motivating me to start juicing.

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