Garden V8

by Hugh

This Garden V8 juice is a wonderful energizer and cleanser. It doesn’t look so good, but it tastes great, at least to me a seasoned juice drinker. Most of the ingredients came fresh from my garden, which gives an additional boost of nutrition.


2 cucumbers

8 to 10 carrots

A large double handful of flat leaf parsley

1” chunk (or more) of fresh ginger root.

And I had an abundance of Sungold tomatoes so I added a large handful.

You can start with a carrot base and use the veggies on hand out of your garden to create your own garden V8 juice.

Juice pulp is great for the compost pile, worm bin. Or just buried directly in the ground. If you have a lot of plant compost then digging an 18” to 24” deep hole in the garden is an ideal way to make use of it. When the hole is filled to about 4” of the top dig a new hole relatively close covering the previous one as you do. Simply move the holes around the garden and in 3 to 4 months you’ll have ideal soil in these areas. Over the years as you rotate your entire garden will be thriving with living soil and microbes producing wonderful fruits, vegetables, plants, and flowers.

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