Garden Patch

by Hugh

Garden Patch is another really healthy juice. It’s great for cleansing and weight loss and also a general tonic for rebuilding healthy cells. This juice will keep the digestive tract moving and cleanse the liver. An excellent juice for after the holidays to help clean out and shape up.

A weekend juice fast using a wide variety of juice recipes is a wonderful way to jump start your health goals for the New Year. One juice every hour to 1 ½ hours or so is good for many people, but you can certainly drink less if you don’t feel inclined to drink that many. Some people like to alternate juice with a glass of water throughout the day. I would say do whatever you feel drawn to do.

Ingredients for Garden Patch

1 beetroot

4 to 5 carrots

1 or 2 celery stalks

½ cabbage

Handful of flat leaf parsley

½ lemon, with peel

1” chunk of fresh ginger root, or more to taste

I used Napa cabbage also known as Chinese cabbage, which is milder than regular green cabbage. It’s a much better choice for those new to juicing, or if you’re just not in the mood for a more harsh juice. If you do use a green cabbage you may want to cut back on the quantity and add more celery.

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Really Good
by: Rio

This juice was really good. I have been drinking green juices for some months now and enjoyed this one too. I always feel like I'm doing such a good thing for my body because I feel so good after one of these juices. and I expect it is doing super things for me.

more more more
by: Angela

This recipe yielded just shy of 25 oz with my Breville juicer. If you want to make this to keep with you throughout the day, I recommend either doubling the recipe, adding a cucumber and doubling the celery, or adding water if you need/prefer a milder tasting juice.

On taste, I think the name fits the juice. It tastes like a liquid garden. It is very earthy from the beet and cabbage. I don't prefer my juices earthy so in the future I will triple the lemon (to 1.5 with rind) as the .5 lemon with rind was totally overpowered in this juice.

If there existed a scale, I would place this juice on the more "advanced" side of the spectrum. It's not a juice I would recommend to a new juicer.

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