Food allergies, sensitized skin, leaky gut?

Q Can a raw foods diet with juicing reverse immune based food allergies? I have developed wheat/gluten allergy (asthma not celiac), eczema which i had years ago but very mild, now flared up badly. I want to become a health coach and have done a lot of research in reversing disease but thought to ask you your opinions on what I have. I know I need to heal my gut firstly as I know I have leaky gut. Thanks, Jasmin

A I have seen many amazing things happen for people when they clean up their diet and embark on a raw or high raw diet. What you leave out of your diet is as important as what you eat. Simply cutting out animal products, along with processed, fried, and junk foods will do great things. Then start eating lots of fresh raw fruits and vegetables, and if you choose, some cooked vegan whole foods like quinoa, lightly steamed veggies, sweet potatoes and squash and you’re on a healthy path.

I believe that the body can heal ANY disease if given the opportunity.

Please keep me posted as to your success.

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